About Us
The first sento-style spa in the Philippines delivering impeccable standards of service, quality ingredients, and a zen respite in the heart of bustling Makati. I’M Onsen Spa Makati is a place of complete relaxation, located exceptionally and priced affordably so that wellness is always within your reach. We provide a holistic experience as all our treatments and packages are inclusive of access to the wellness suites, complimentary wellness tea, and an exquisite international buffet to complete your journey.
The Art of Onsen
The Japanese art of onsen has been practiced for centuries, with the first recorded onsen dating back to the year 712. Since its discovery, the healing properties of onsen have been widely acknowledged, with anecdotes of emperors and samurais harnessing their healing powers. Onsen translates to hot spring, which typically contains a high concentration of healthy minerals. Once you’re at the onsen, take time to let everything go, reflect and relax. As a gesture of respect to other guests, we ask that you follow our Onsen Etiquette to make the most out of your time here.

Onsen Bath Types

Onsen bathing warms the body and imparts physical and mental relaxation. It is said to activate the body’s systems, stimulate circulation, and speed up metabolism. I’M Onsen Spa Makati features a combination of therapeutic bath types, each with their unique set of benefits.

Carbonated Bath

Using proprietary technology imported from Japan, high concentrations of purified carbon dioxide is infused into the water. This lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, detoxifies and beautifies the skin.

Mineral Bath

Infused with natural minerals extracted from the most famous springs in Japan with no chemical additives added. The effect is what Japanese call ‘tsuru-tsuru’ skin, or baby-soft skin, as the alkaline water dissolves dirt and sebum.

Ceramic Bath

Japanese technology is used to atomize water molecules, allowing water to penetrate deeper into the skin layers. This leaves skin moisturized and glowing from within.